Different wools to make baby clothes

Choosing clothes material for a child is not easy work. While selecting suitable materials, you have to keep in your mind a lot of things. Comfortableness gets the top priority while choosing baby clothes. For a child, especially for the newborn, you should choose woolen garments. Nowadays merino wool is on the top list of the priority of people. It is becoming popular for its various health and other benefits. But merino baby clothes are expensive from the other woolen garments. If you knit clothes for your child on your own, then you have to do some research on which woolen or cotton material is best for fulfilling your demand for making clothes for your baby.

There are varieties of woolen clothes you can find in the market for your baby such as merino wool, cotton wool, Rowan wool, Sirdar snuggly, acrylic, etc.


Every variety of woolen clothes will provide you the other usefulness of materials. Every kind of yarn is not suitable for every season. Here are some comparisons of the wool I want to highlight for you. It might be helpful for you to consider about the clothes for your children.

  • Acrylic:

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber, suitable for making a baby clothes. It is soft, lightweight and warm for baby. It is machine washable, and colorfast that’s why it is widely used in making children garments. The best part of acrylic clothes is it is not that expensive, but good quality products can be made of it.

  • Sirdar snuggly:

You can make beautiful clothes for your baby with sirdar snuggly as it is super soft to your child’s skin and it comes with a great range of colors. The clothes made with Sirdar Snuggly is also easily washable and easy to care.

  • Rowan wool:

Rowan wool is the other finest wool for making kid’s clothes. It comes with a broad range of colors. Its classy look and the gorgeous finish will make you happy to knit clothes for your child. You can choose rowan wool to make lightweight clothes to heavy clothes for your kids.

  • Cotton wool:

You can also knit clothes with cotton wool though cotton wool is not preferable for making children’s clothes. But clothes made with cotton wool keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Merino wool:

Lastly, a preferable wool for children is merino wool nowadays. Merino wool comes from the finest sheep of Australia. It is an expensive material to knit clothes for the child. But it is still preferable to its different benefits. It provides the best comfort for your kids. As it comes naturally from the sheep, it has no side effects on your baby’s skin. Merino baby clothes keep your child warm according to the temperature. It is also easily washable in machine. If you want to give your kids the highest satisfaction you can knit or buy clothes of merino wool.

As baby’s skin is the most sophisticated and delicate you have to choose materials and clothes for them accordingly. As a mother, it is your foremost duty to ensure the highest comfort for your child.


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